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Image by Martin Bekerman

Mission & Vision

The 400 Leadership Council began the ICARE Cultural Fund to assist in the basic daily needs of the community. We have strategic plans utilizing the proper knowledge acquired from our mentors and consultants and supporters to execute our mission of building model communities.

Since our conception in 2004 we have implemented tools such as seminars, courses, classes, productions to assist in making better products and businesses practices in the professional industries. 

Our long range goal is to continue to build the proper infrastructures online and in real time that encompasses the educational foundations to instill better practices, principals and outputs that will help build a better community life.  In order to achieve this goal we must raise funds.


We are now accepting all donations to help us reach our goals. We gladly appreciate your kind donations as we better our tomorrow together. Helping you helps us to Help Each other.

We embarked on this new, exciting journey with the desire to give back and make a difference. There are so many people we have already helped, but as we approach our next phase, we want to reach out and offer you the chance to be part of something truly great.

Image by Annie Spratt

I.C.A.R.E. Cultural Fund

Community Partners


"Muhammad Ali Way" Street Naming

Muhammad Ali was a legend as a boxer, philanthropist, and social activist. The City of Philadelphia and the 400 Years Coalition posthumously recognize the late heavyweight boxing champion with a ceremony to rename 52nd Street as Muhammad Ali Way.

The event will took place at Malcolm X Park, 52nd and Pine Street, as part of the Juneteenth Celebration.

Image by Trevor Cole

The 400 Volunteers

As a collective effort, the 400 Legacy Project offers opportunities for individuals, organizations, and corporations to participate as volunteers to help build better communities and create a thriving environment for living, learning, and growing.


W.E.B. DuBois Day

Local Holiday Honoring W.E.B. Dubois and support of his mission to Preserving Education and Culture 


United We Band

Utilizing multiple components of production, UWB  combines the facets of performance, instrumentation, sound engineering, video production, photography, marketing, and promotions to create an environment to enlighten, inspire and educate our community.


New Africa August - We Buy Black

The New Africa Convention, formerly named the We Buy Black convention focused primarily on producing, sustaining, controlling and improving the economic state of the Black community. As we set and expand our vision, the New Africa Convention will focus not only on business and economics, but on the four fundamental facets of our life: Business, Education, Government and Culture. Our intention is to come together as a community to promote the good of what’s being produced in these facets of our life and to work collectively to achieve more goodness. New Africa is the physical manifestation of the African American’s collective desire to produce a dynamic and quality life for ourselves, to be in control and govern our full life here in America.

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