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A Chance to Give Back


The 400 Legacy Project

Generous Community Members

Our mission is to galvanize communities using internet culture, arts, recreation

and Education to develop independent thinkers that will positively affect the world.


The business and purpose of the corporation shall be to provide a variety of services to build on individual, family and community strengths to develop the capacity to thrive. 


Services shall include but not be limited to: leadership programs, independent life planning, training for the youth and young adults, community building, mental health support, educational courses and classes. 


The philosophy of The 400 shall be to link our community to existing services offered by community-based organizations, coordinate service delivery with existing organizations, and partnering with accomplished professionals in various disciplines as mentors and advisors.


ICARE Academy

The Legacy Project

A Community Based Initiative to Galvanize the People through Internet, Culture, Arts, Recreation & Education. An initiative designed and created to empower the leaders of our communities.


The Artists United

Preserving Arts and Culture

Our mission is to preserve arts and culture by educating, developing, marketing, and promoting individuals and communities utilizing the Entertainment Industry.


We Buy Black

Generous Community Members

We are the largest e-commerce platform for black-owned businesses. We hope to change the lives of many that participate and begin to “Remove, Replace, Rebuild” and make moves that will begin setting a new precedent for the next 400 years.

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