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Our mission is to educate the community on the Constitution of America, its current political issues, policies and procedures.

Our Vision is to utilize the internet and online community events to bring more resources to our communities about voters rights during the times of the Local and National elections.

About Our Cause

The I CARE 2 Vote Campaign launched February 23rd, 2015 at W.E.B. Dubois Day in Philadelphia PA. Honoring the 146th Anniversary of the 15th Amendment. The Youth Ambassadors of The 400 Leadership Council began to utilize our platform to promote Voters Rights and Awareness. 


Our Voter Registration Drive signed up over 500 first time voters, ranging from ages 18-65.

Our  Leadership Team continues our mission, by producing relevant content and promoting Audio and Visual PSAs in order to keep the mission alive.


The Online Campaign continues ongoingly during the Local and National elections to promote Voters Rights and Awareness. We will continue to produce content, gather and share important information on voting, while partnering with like minded organizations to  support the initiative.


Our online Campaign educates on why, how and where to vote. Constant reminders and information about the upcoming elections are also included.


This year we’ve partnered with the City Commissioner’s office in Philadelphia to promote and market the high importance of the November 3rd Election and to encourage high voter turnout and increase our numbers for the polls. We encourage citizens not only to register but to exercise their rights by voting on election day or by mail in ballot.


Please support the ICARE Cultural Fund to help educate our youth on Voters' rights, education, and awareness.

Stay updated and get involved with The 400 Legacy Project’s "I CARE 2 VOTE CAMPAIGN", by clicking here.


Count me in  “ No Neglection for the Election”

Your Vote Counts!!

Vote for You!  Vote for me!  Vote for us!

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Community Partners

Austin Davis

Austin Davis

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When covid hit, we sprang into action
In mid-March 2020, cities around the US began shutting down. We realized immediately that this was going to affect elections, and we sprang into action to find a creative, fun, and safe way to get people motivated to vote.

And so, Party at the Mailbox was born. Success in Baltimore
We sent 2,000 custom boxes out to voters in Baltimore. Each box was a celebration of local talent. We partnered with local artists at the Globe Press to design t-shirts, posters, and coloring books. We sourced local snacks like Berger cookies and crab-flavored chips. And we included the latest guidance on voting to ensure that every person who received a box was ready to make their mailbox their ballot box. And now, we’re expanding!

This October, we’re bringing Party at the Mailbox to two new cities: Detroit and Philadelphia, as well as returning to Baltimore. We can’t wait to party with you!
We were blown away by the response.



On November 1, 2020, The Artists United presents United We Band for a Purpose.  This event will be held online There will be presentations from 2pm-7pm. 


On this day, the arts community will band together through inspirational creativity to bring awareness to the highly anticipated Presidential election.  Performers and speakers will enlighten all that attend throughout the day.  This event will feature informational vendors, voter rights and awareness, live entertainment, and more for all to enjoy for free. In the midst of a critical election year,  The Artists United, will also collaborate with many organizationsy as well as elected officials from the City of Philadelphia to in efforts of voter awareness, voter education and voter resources for the upcoming election and beyond.. 


The 400 Legacy Project

Setting The Precedent & Preserving Culture

Buiding model communities online and in real-time by focusing on economics, education, leadership, and culture.

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